Cotton Infinity Scarf

Updated: Apr 8

I'm a scarf lover... I'm always cold!! However, I don't like to be too warm so when I go into shops or indoor venues my scarf is straight off! For this blog I decided to make a cotton infinity scarf. Perfect for when the days start to get that little bit colder and hopefully not too warm for short trips indoors :-) Here's how to make this simple scarf....

You will need:

Fabric - I used 2 x contrasting pieces of fabric - 64 inches long x 10 inches wide . You may want to go shorter / longer / narrower depending on your preference.

Scissors or rotary cutter and mat


Pins or clips

Sewing machine


Lets get started:

Cut your chosen fabric. I actually joined the fabric to make pieces to my desired length.

If you're joining fabric, I would advise you to keep the join in the middle i.e. I joined my pieces, then measured 32 inches on either side of the join to form my first piece, which is 64 inches long x 10 inches wide. Do the same with your second piece of fabric.

Remember to pattern match your fabric if necessary. If you're unsure how to do this, check out Youtube :-)

Next you want to join your two pieces of fabric lengthwise. Firstly iron it and press out the joining seam (if you have a join)

Lay the two pieces of fabric down right sides together and line up, in particular matching up the joining seams if applicable.

Clip or pin to keep neatly in place.

Sew down the two long sides of the fabric, remembering to back stitch at start and end for extra strength. I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Give the fabric an iron, pressing down the seams.

Your fabric will now look like a long tube with both ends still open.

We now want to join both ends of the 'tube' to make it an infinity scarf.

If we look at the way the fabric is laying in the previous picture (right side out), take the bottom end of the scarf and fold it up so that the bottom end is now laying directly on the top end of the scarf.

Start by lining up the seams from the bottom end and top end of the scarf. Clip or pin in place.

Continue to clip or pin the rest of the bottom and top ends of the scarf together, paying particular attention to getting the two seams neatly lined up. You will only be able to pin so far around the scarf.

Start joining the scarf, sewing it as far round as you can go, remembering to back stitch at beginning and end for extra strength.

You will end up with a gap of approximately 3 inches which you were unable to sew.

Finish off your scarf by hand stitching the opening closed using an invisible stitch, also known as slip stitch or ladder stitch. If you're unsure of this stitch Youtube can always help :-)

Give your scarf an iron to finish off.

You are now Autumn ready :-)

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog. Keep an eye out for another Crafty Mammy blog coming soon :-)

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