Quick and easy Spring wreath!

Updated: Apr 8

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog here at Crafty Mammy Fabrics. I absolutely adore all things handmade :-) My crafting time is very limited though, as I have two small children to look after (and a husband!) and have been trying to set up my little business. Quick and easy makes are my go-to crafting these days and in this blog I will show you how to make this simple and very pretty Spring wreath for your home.

You will need:

Polystyrene wreath/ring (size of your choice - I used a 30cm wreath)

Fabric cut into strips

- My fabric strips were 6.5cm/2.5" wide x the width of the fabric which was 112cm/44"

- I used 10 strips to cover this wreath

Fabric cut into circles

- 3 x large circles - diameter approx 18cm/7"

- 6 x small circles - diameter approx 11cm/4.5"

Scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat

Glue gun / glue

Needle and thread

Various buttons

Lets get started!

Take your first strip of fabric, fold it in half and iron it so that you have a nice crisp edge, then stick it to the back of the polystyrene wreath... I used a glue gun to stick mine. Then start to wind it around the wreath. Take a minute to think about what way you are sticking it so that the raw edge isn't visible when you wind it around the wreath.

Continue to wind the fabric around the wreath nice and tightly. I added a blob of glue every so often just to ensure it stayed in place.

Keep going, adding in new strips as necessary or introduce a new colour when your ready. Sorry, as you may know I'm new to all this and I forget to take a picture when I changed colour... oops!

When you come to the very end of your wreath fold in your last piece of fabric as you wrap it so that you are left with a neat edge. Stick well at the back. That's your fabric wrapped around the wreath... that didn't take long did it?!

Next we make the flowers, or you might be familiar with these being called YoYos or Suffolk Puffs.

I drew around a bowl and a large glass (sizes as above) to give me the two different sized flowers.

Cut out your desired number of flowers in the sizes of your choice. Take your first circle and with a needle and thread do a running stitch around the circle about 1/2 cm in from the edge.

Pull the end of the thread to gather in the fabric and flatten down into the flower shape. I did a few stitches in and around the centre to keep it in shape.

Sew a button into the centre of the flower using the excess thread left after pulling in the running stitch. That's your first flower done... repeat this until you have the desired number of flowers made.

Using your glue gun / glue stick the flowers on to the wreath in your desired pattern.

Attach a ribbon, hang your wreath up somewhere and be proud of your make every day :-)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog... you have made a Crafty Mammy very happy :-) Keep an eye out for more 'how to' blogs coming soon!

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